Madlib - Channel 85 Presents Nittyville Season 1 (2LP Vinyl)


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Madlib - Channel 85 Presents Nittyville Season 1 (2LP Vinyl)

Double vinyl LP pressing. Madlib skipped from #8 to #10 and then kept moving. What happened to #9? It was upstate doing a little time behind bars. Madlib Medicine Show is a music series consisting of experimental hip-hop, jazz fusion, electronic music, and DJ mixes spanning the genres.

Originally launched as a one-per-month, year-long series, Madlib Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 presents Nittyville, a full-length hip-hop album featuring Detroit's Frank Nitt, is the first to break the chronology. Frank is Detroit's Frank Nitt, protegee of the late J Dilla, formerly of Frank-n-Dank. Madlib is the Beat Konducta, Quasimoto, half- Madvillain & Jaylib, one of hip-hop's most acclaimed producer's favorite producers. Nittyville is also perhaps the most traditional of the series, and we make no bones about it: one MC, one producer, and a rap record all about stunts, blunts and hip-hop.


  1. Nittyville (The Landing)
  2. So Beautiful (Dues Paid)
  3. Stageridin'
  4. Smoke Theme For Dankery Harv
  5. Jus' Follow
  6. Exclusive (Bar Scene)
  7. Eyegotcha
  8. Legalize It (Interlude)

Type: Vinyl