Madlib - Pinaya Beats (Instrumentals) (Vinyl)


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Madlib - Pinata Beats (Instrumentals) (Vinyl)

There are few musicians - let alone beat-makers - whose output in its raw form provides his listener with a full on musical experience before anything is added. Madlib is one. Before a microphone is switched on, before a rhyme even uttered, a Madlib beat stands alone as a complete thing.

The album with Freddie Gibbs, Pinata - being hailed as contender for rap album of the year - was created between late 2011 and early 2013. But Gibbs also dipped back into Madlib's archives going back as far as ten years for a few of the beats.


1. Scarface (Instrumental)
2. Deeper (Instrumental)
3. High (Instrumental)
4. Harolds (Instrumental)
5. Bomb (Instrumental)
6. Shitsville (Instrumental)
7. Thuggin (Instrumental)
8. Real (Instrumental)
9. Uno (Instrumental)
10. Robes (Instrumental)
11. Broken (Instrumental)
12. Lakers (Instrumental)
13. Knicks (Instrumental)
14. Shame (Instrumental)
15. Watts (Instrumental)
16. Pinata (Instrumental)

Type: Vinyl