Maia, Tim - Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul Of Tim Maia (Remastered) (Vinyl)

Tim Maia

Tim Maia - Nobody Can Live Forever: The Existential Soul Of Tim Maia (Remastered) (Vinyl)

NOBODY CAN LIVE FOREVER: THE EXISTENTIAL SOUL OF Tim Maia a fifteen track survey of Maia's 1970s recordings, completely remastered, commemorating what would have been the Brazilian musical legend's 70th birthday on September 28. The release is the fourth in the label's World Psychedelic Classics series, known for unearthing long neglected masterworks by Os Mutantes, Shuggie Otis, and one of the first compilations of African psychedelia and funk.



  1. Que Beleza
  2. Let's Have a Ball Tonight
  3. O Caminho Do Bem
  4. Ela Partiu
  5. Quer Queira, Quer Nòo Queira
  6. Brother Father Mother Sister
  7. Do Leme Ao Pontal


  1. Nobody Can Live Forever
  2. I Don't Care
  3. Bom Senso
  4. Where Is My Other Half
  5. Over Again
  6. The Dance Is Over
  7. You Don't Know What I Know
  8. Rational Culture

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