Mall Grab - What I Breathe (Standard Black Vinyl)


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Mall Grab - What I Breathe (Standard Black Vinyl)

What I Breathe is the debut album from Mall Grab AKA Jordon Alexander.

The Australia-born London-based powerhouse reaches within to create the most comprehensive demonstration of his style to date – loudly defining the raw energy that has become synonymous with the moniker.

“This album is deeply personal and an exploration of all influences, sounds and sides of the Mall Grab project. It follows my journey of the last 6 years from a university dropout in Newcastle (Australia), making music as a source of happiness and expression.”

While glances of what Jordon gravitates towards in dance music can be heard in the record label imprints he steers—Looking For Trouble and Steel City Dance Discs—it's with What I Breathe that he elaborates on and articulates his diverse ear for music. Through collaborations with Brendan Yates of Turnstile, Novelist, D Double E and Nia Archives, the Mall Grab repertoire of emotive electronics is used to traverse his love of hard-to-define energies that exist between genres like Hardcore, Hip-Hop and Soul.

Even with a stack of very well-received projects already under his belt, What I Breathe can be seen as the first deep breath in and a fierce declaration of what’s to come for Mall Grab.

“I’m grateful for everything and everyone in my life, those I love and those who support my music, through all the ups and downs. I live and breathe this shit. I cannot do anything else. I will continue until there is nothing left for me to say.”


  1. Hand In Hand Through Wonderland
  2. I Can Remember It So Vividly
  3. Love Reigns
  4. Understand
  5. Patience
  6. Without The Sun
  7. Spirit Wave
  8. Breathing
  9. Intercity Relations
  10. Time Change
  11. Distant Conversation
  12. Metaphysical
  13. Lost in Harajuku

Type: Vinyl

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