Maple Glider - I Get Into Trouble (Neon Pink Coloured Vinyl)

Maple Glider

Maple Glider - I Get Into Trouble (Neon Pink Coloured Vinyl)

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For Tori Zietsch, who records emotionally direct and woozily romantic songs under the moniker Maple Glider, music has been an escape from a series of oppressive institutions: religion, enervating relationships, her own brain. Zietsch’s music has formed new pathways both literal and metaphorical; physical and neural, that have allowed her to step outside herself, and shake you—yes, you, the listener—by the hand.

At 14, Zietsch freed herself from her restrictive and deeply limited religious upbringing and at 15—after learning to play guitar from a chord book—she played her first show, at a skate park. After touring the open mic scene in Brisbane, moving internationally to the UK, and returning to Melbourne, she released her critically lauded debut album To Enjoy is the Only Thing in 2021, which Rolling Stone described as “one of the most accomplished debut albums in recent years.”

I Get Into Trouble is a thematic expansion of her debut, going into greater and clearer detail, as she delves back into her Christian childhood while deconstructing her relationship to her body and her sexuality, alongside concepts of consent and shame. “Dinah,” a deceptively whimsical ditty, is the album’s entry-point to these themes, and it’s as infectious as an earworm wriggling through Eve’s apple. “I’ve been in the church making sure no one’s looking up my skirt,” she sings, on one of
the poppiest songs she’s ever recorded.


1. Do You
2. Dinah
3. Two Years
5. Don't Kiss Me
6. You At The Top Of The Driveway
7. You're Gonna Be A Daddy
8. For You And All The Songs We Loved
9. Surprises
10. Scream

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