Methyl Ethel - Oh Inhuman Spectacle (Vinyl)


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Methyl Ethel - Oh Inhuman Spectacle (Vinyl) - Import

Hailing from the remote fringes of Perth, Western Australia, linchpin Jake Webb started Methyl Ethel in 2013 as a way of getting his bedroom recordings out in the public domain. The assonant moniker takes it's name from the chemical compound Webb's father uses to make fibre-glass - methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. Like 4AD peers Grimes and Bradford Cox, Webb wrote, played and recorded everything on Oh Inhuman Spectacle. Crafted in isolation, it's understated psychedelic pop quickly drew positive plaudits from local media, leading Webb to recruit Chris Wright (drums) and Thom Stewart (bass) - friends from the tight-knit and thriving music scene in Perth - to realise the songs live as a fully-fledged band.


  1. Idée Fixe
  2. Shadowboxing
  3. Rogues
  4. To Swim
  5. Twilight Driving
  6. Depth Perception
  7. Unbalancing Acts
  8. Also Gesellschaft
  9. Obscura
  10. Artificial Limb
  11. Sweet Waste
  12. Everything Is As It Should Be

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