Mike - Beware Of The Monkey (Vinyl)


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Mike - Beware Of The Monkey (Vinyl)

Beware of the Monkey is the eighth album by MIKE, and is now available on vinyl via his own 10k label. The album was entirely self-produced under MIKE’s dj black power alias, and has guest features from Sister Nancy, Klein, Jadasea and King Carter. Beware of the Monkey draws its title from a horoscope MIKE read in a Chinese restaurant about the year he was born (year of the tiger), which warned him of this future. The message MIKE conveys on the album is confident and resolute, acknowledging the reputation he's built as a trailblazing force in today's rap landscape after passing the barrier from child prodigy to realised artist.


1. Nuthin I Can Do is Wrng
2. As 4 Me
3. Eczema
4. Light (If U Can't See) W/ Jadasea
5. No Curse Lifted (Rivers of Love)
6. What Do I Do?
7. Ipari Park W/ Klein
8. Swoosh 23
9. Tapestry
10. Stop Worry! W/ Sister Nancy
11. Weary Love
12. Concrete W/ King Carter
13. Closing Credits (Come-Up/#Fr)

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