Mitchell, Joni - Song To A Seagull (Vinyl)


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Joni Mitchell - Song To A Seagull (Vinyl)

This David Crosby-produced album is a sparse and beautiful folk record. This was Joni Mitchell's debut, yet already it was apparent that here was an immense lyrical talent. Her great melodic gift developed more fully later on, as these are fairly standard-fare folk items. still, few writers had used such a conversational style in song, and for that alone, this was a milestone of a record. The listener was encouraged and welcomed into a stream of dialogue and tales without needing to know what they were all about.


  1. I Had A King
  2. Michael From Mountains
  3. Night In The City
  4. Marcie
  5. Nathan La Franeer
  6. Sisotowbell Lane
  7. The Dawntreader
  8. The Pirate Of Penance
  9. Song To A Seagull
  10. Cactus Tree


Type: Vinyl