Molina, Jason - Let Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go (Vinyl)


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Jason Molina - Let Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go (Vinyl)

"... These are meditations on depression, waiting, dislocation, separation, doubt, fear, loneliness... The usual from me... but here, if I did not see redemption or even a glimmer of hope, and thought I could put that into lyrics and a simple melody, I allowed that to be the driving force of the song. In the past I would edit these themes out or push them to the sides in favor of a better line technically, or a more anticipated rhyme. This session, in my mind, leads easily into my upcoming projects" - Jason Molina.


  1. It's Easier Now
  2. Everything Should Try Again
  3. Alone with the Owl
  4. Don't It Look Like Rain
  5. Some Things Never Try
  6. It Must Be Raining There Forever
  7. Get Out Get Out Get Out
  8. It Costs You Nothing
  9. Let Me Go Let Me Go Let Me Go

Type: Vinyl