Noga, Mike - Open Fire (Vinyl) (Slight Sleeve Damage)

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Mike Noga - Open Fire (Vinyl) (Slight Sleeve Damage)

Unfortunately our new stock has arrived from the supplier with slight top sleeve wear, Does not affect vinyl condition.

Open Fire was recorded in August 2019 at Sacred Heart Studios in Duluth, Minnesota with Alan Sparhawk (Low) in the producer's seat. Open Fire is an apocalyptic, synth-heavy, rock and roll record and follows on from Noga’s critically acclaimed concept album, King.

Mike Noga passed away on 26 August 2020. His death was accidental and attributed to a rare condition that caused a cerebral haemorrhage, a condition exacerbated by bouts of heavy drinking. Mike had a lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression which became particularly difficult in the last three years of his life. His family are incredibly proud of this album, for its ambition, beauty and nuance. His passing has left his family and friends with a massive void that might be partly filled with his incredible body of music. A gift to us all.

Open Fire was written in Noga's hometown of Hobart. Writing to a friend during the recording process Mike reflected “Sonically and thematically there’s a healthy dose of impending doom about the state of the world running through the songs…I constantly have the Velvet Underground in mind when I'm writing for this album. Pop... but with a weird, dark twist.”

“There was nothing quite like watching Mike unleash his talent and creativity, whether he was brandishing a pair of drumsticks or a guitar or a mic stand, he did it all with total abandon and it was always a total pleasure to get lost in the music with him. As a songwriter, Mike was every bit as bold and uncompromising and 'Open Fire' is the sound of an artist with no limits to his ambition or scope. It's a big widescreen album, full of darkness and full of light, and it's a beautiful thing to get lost in.” – Paul Dempsey, Something for Kate


  1. Covered
    2. Open Fire
    3. Breathe For Me
    4. Kitchen Knife
    5. Better Than Before
    6. No Body / No Soul
    7. Little Birdy Big Bear
    8. Rain On Everyone
    9. Open Fire (Refrain)
    10. Holding On

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