Olsen, Angel - Phases (Vinyl)


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Angel Olsen - Phases (Vinyl)

Revered singer/songwriter Angel Olsen will release 'Phases,' a collection of B-sides, rarities, and demos, including a number of never-before released tracks, on Jagjaguwar via Inertia Music!

Balancing tenacity and tenderness, 'Phases' acts as a deep-dive for longtime fans, as well as a fitting introduction to Olsen's sprawling sonics for the uninitiated.


  1. Fly On Your Wall
  2. Special
  3. Only You
  4. All Right Now
  5. Sans
  6. Sweet Dreams
  7. California
  8. Tougher Than the Rest
  9. California
  10. How Many Dreams
  11. May As Well
  12. Endless Road

Type: Vinyl