Onsen of Japan - Japan’s most amazing hot springs and bathhouses - Steve Wide, Michelle Mackintosh


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Steve Wide, Michelle Mackintosh

As a country blessed with natural geothermal energy, no trip to Japan is complete without an authentic onsen (hot springs) experience. Yet this world has remained a mystery for western tourists, who are keen to take advantage of the onsen's relaxing qualities and healing properties.

Onsen of Japan is your entry into the art of Japanese communal bathing. Featuring listings for more than 100 onsen across the country, authors Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh have selected out the very best places to enjoy this quintessential Japanese experience – including traditional 7th-century baths, historic wooden buildings, open-air mountain springs, rustic neighbourhood baths, and big city super santos (aquatic centres).

Alongside vivid descriptions and beautiful images, each listing includes a checklist with important travel information, such as price range, whether same-sex or mixed bathing is available, whether English is spoken, and if tattoos are accepted. A detailed introduction at the front of the book includes a guide to etiquette, onsen rules, customs and quirks, as well as information on different water types and their healing benefits. The authors also offer tips on how to take a bath like a local, bathing in different seasons, the best places to take a foot bath (ashiyu) or hand bath (teyu), and where you can cook your own onsen egg.

Slip off your clothes and ease yourself into the world of the Japanese onsen. One thing is for sure, taking a bath will never be the same again.

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