Panoptique Electrical - Decades (2001-2021) (Black 2LP Vinyl)


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Panoptique Electrical - Decades (2001-2021) (Black 2LP Vinyl)

Panoptique Electrical’s eighth full-length double vinyl album, spans 20 years of compositions by Jason Sweeney over 70 minutes and 31 tracks. Starting in 2001, with pieces made from lo-fi synth drones, sampled loops and broken pianos, taking us through to more recent works featuring layered atmospheric strings, processed piano, field recordings, cinematic cello performed by frequent collaborator Zoë Barry and cut-up vocal pieces performed by Caroline Daish, Decades (2001-2021) perfectly blends melancholic ambient music, dark drone, modern classical composition, experimental electronics and evocative soundscapes. Exquisitely mastered by Room40’s Lawrence English, Decades (2001-2021) is an epic, but personal, record that takes us into the emotional landscape of Sweeney’s compositional world.



  1. Late Night Sea
  2. Radio in Trouble
  3. Never Sleep Again
  4. Three Ghosts of Hill End
  5. Drowned in Words
  6. To the Bridge
  7. End of the Construction   
  8. Slow Photographer
  9. Ensemble Piece for Five Performers
  10. In a Landscape of Faces
  11. The Body is Lifting Itself Up
  12. A Storm Still    
  13. People Disappear


  1. The Desire Side of the Other
  2. Dance With Me
  3. Beirut Quiet Space
  4. New York City Quiet Space
  5. A Lost Love
  6. Black Sea
  7. 1977 Piano Solo
  8. The Whisper in Your Head
  9. Mother, Yes May
  10. Ana's Monologue
  11. The Argument
  12. The Night
  13. The Killing
  14. Darkness Falls
  15. Beatrice Alive
  16. Spiral Room
  17. Mother's Lament
  18. A Red Dress, A Knife (for Ania Walwicz)

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