Parcels - Day/Night (Limited Edition 180gm 2LP Vinyl)


Parcels - Day/Night (Limited Edition 180gm 2LP Vinyl)

Available to pre-order now, released November 5th.

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The double LP represents a cyclical motion of self-realization within the outer world (Day) and the inner world (Night), one recorded in an open, sunlight Parisian getaway whilst the other in a dark, isolated basement.

Lead single “Free” was the first release from the band since 2018 and deals with the difficulty of long-distance relations, it’s an organic track with lyrics full of realness as well as vulnerability. ‘Day/Night’ also features recently released singles “Combingback” and “Somethinggreater”.


Side A/B
    1. LIGHT
    2. Free
    3. Comingback
    4. Theworstthing
    5. Inthecity (Interlude)
    6. Nowicaresomemore
    7. Somethinggreater
    8. Daywalk
    9. Outside

Side C/D
    1. SHADOW
    2. Neverloved
    3. Famous
    4. Icallthishome
    5. Lordhenry
    6. Thefear
    7. Nightwalk
    8. Reflex
    9. Once
    10. Inside

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