Parsons, Gram - Grievous Angel (Vinyl)


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Gram Parsons - Grievous Angel (Vinyl)

Gram Parsons pioneered the concept of a rock band playing country music, playing in bands such as the Byrds, the International Submarine Band and the Flying Burrito Brothers. His work has influenced both country and rock artists such as the Rolling Stones and Linda Ronstadt by blending the two genres to the point that they became indistinguishable from each other.

Compiled from 1973 studio sessions, GRIEVOUS ANGEL was originally released in 1974, four months after the songwriters death. It was the second solo album from Gram Parsons and is viewed as a successful example of the hybrid between country and rock and roll Parsons called Cosmic American Music.


  1. Return of the Grievous Angel
  2. Hearts on Fire
  3. I Can't Dance
  4. Brass Buttons
  5. $1000 Wedding
  6. Medley Live from Northern Quebec [A] Cash on the Barrelhead [B] Hickory Wind
  7. Love Hurts
  8. Ooh Las Vegas
  9. In My Hour of Darkness

Type: Vinyl