Pavement - Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal (4LP Deluxe Vinyl)


Pavement - Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal (4LP Deluxe Vinyl with Book + Photos)

Available to pre-order now, released April 8th

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An exhaustive 45-track reissue of the band’s much-loved fifth and final album. The new special edition compiles the remastered original album, B-sides, home demos, rehearsal tapes, era-appropriate live recordings, and even the rough tracks from Pavement’s scrapped session at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studio. Altogether, it features 28 unreleased tracks.  The 4xLP edition will include a book with never-before-seen photos and commentary/context from band members and producer Nigel Godrich. The LP will restore Godrich’s suggested sequence – which foregrounds the album’s headiest songs.


LP1 - Side A
1)         Platform Blues
2)         The Hexx
3)         You Are a Light
4)         Cream of Gold
5)         Ann Don’t Cry

LP1 - Side B
1)         Billie
2)         Folk Jam
3)         Major Leagues
4)         Carrot Rope
5)         Shagbag #
6)         Speak, See, Remember
7)         Spit On a Stranger
LP2 - Side C
1)         The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade
2)         Rooftop Gambler
3)         Your Time to Change
4)         Stub Your Toe
5)         Major Leagues (Demo Version)
6)         Decouvert de Soleil
LP2 - Side D
1)         Carrot Rope (SM Demo) #
2)         Folk Jam Moog (SM Demo) #
3)         Billy (SM Demo) #
4)         Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (SM Demo) #
5)         You Are a Light (SM Demo) #
6)         Cream of Gold Intro (Jessamine) #
7)         Cream of Gold (SM Demo) #
LP3 - Side E
1)         Spit On a Stranger (SM Demo) #
2)         Folk Jam Guitar (SM Demo) #
3)         You Are a Light (Echo Canyon) #
4)         Ground Beefheart [Platform Blues] (Echo Canyon) #
5)         Folk Jam (Echo Canyon) #
LP3 - Side F
1)         Ann Don’t Cry (Echo Canyon) #
2)         Jesus in Harlem [Cream of Gold] (Echo Canyon) #
3)         The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade (Echo Canyon) #
4)         Spit On a Stranger (Echo Canyon) #
5)         Be the Hook #
LP4 - Side G
1)         You Are a Light (Jackpot!) #
2)         Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (RPM) #
3)         Rooftop Gambler (Jessamine) #
4)         For Sale! The Preston School of Industry (Jessamine) #
5)         Frontwards (Live) #
LP4 - Side H
1)         Platform Blues (Live) #
2)         The Hexx (Live) #
3)         You Are a Light (Live) #
4)         Folk Jam (Live) #
5)         Sinister Purpose (Live) #
#= previously unreleased

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