Peach Pit - You and Your Friends (Vinyl)


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Peach Pit  - You and Your Friends (Vinyl)

You and Your Friends is the follow up to 2017's Being So Normal. "You and Your Friends is a collection of songs about me, people that the band and I care about, and some of the old friends we've had over the years," vocalist Neil Smith says. "All the songs are written from true stories, some have been exaggerated more than others. We can't wait to finally let go of it and start playing these songs for you out on the road!"


  1. Feelin' Low (F*uckboy Blues)
  2. Black Licorice
  3. Figure 8
  4. Puppy Grin
  5. Brian's Movie
  6. Camilla, I'm At Home
  7. Second Life With Emily
  8. Live At The Swamp
  9. Shampoo Bottles
  10. Thursday
  11. Your Teeth
  12. You And Your Friends

Type: Vinyl