Pillows, The - FLCL Progressive (Soundtrack) (Blue & Yellow 2LP Vinyl)


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The Pillows - FLCL Progressive (Soundtrack) (Blue & Yellow 2LP Vinyl)

FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative are the sequel series to the cult anime classic FLCL. Originally formed in 1989, The Pillows have released 22 studio albums as well as dozens of EPs, compilations and singles in their thirty years of activity. The Pillows work on the original FLCL series introduced them to audiences in the west, and their original compositions for the show remain among their most popular.

For FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative, The Pillows have again created a rock dynamo featuring new songs including "Spiky Seeds" and "Thank You, My Twilight". Reworked songs originally composed for FLCL, including "LITTLE BUSTERS" and "I Think I Can" are also featured in FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative.

LP release includes 14 tracks by The Pillows pressed on a pair of colored vinyl, one marigold yellow and one sky blue, housed in a gatefold jacket featuring artwork of the Medical Mechanica "irons".


LP 1

  1. Spiky Seeds
  2. I Think I Can
  3. The Third Eye
  4. My Foot
  5. She Stood Like the Angel
  6. White Summer and Green Bicycle, Red Hair With Black Guitar [Fool on Coo
  7. Freebee Honey

LP 2

  1. Non Fiction
  2. Fool on the Planet
  3. Last Dinosaur
  4. The Sun That Will Not Rise
  5. Little Busters
  6. Thank You, My Twilight
  7. Star Overhead

Type: Vinyl