Skimming Stones Porcelain Plate - Gumtree Hug


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Skimming Stones Gumtree Hug Porcelain Plate

The gorgeous Australian collection is designed by Skimming Stones from Melbourne to create a collection of porcelain plates with Japanese ceramic company Kihara. The design intent is to explore, beyond the cliché, a fresh look into Australiana. Measuring 15 cm in diameter and coloured in colbalt blue, the plates can be used for light snacks or great for display piece. Comes in a beautiful packaged box.

The eucalyptus tree, also known as the gumtree, is a large evergreen that is only found in Australia and constitute over 75% of it’s tree population. They grow fast and straight, often reaching tremendous heights, and have existed in Australia for uncountable centuries. They can withstand severe fires, dry climates and provide animals with a reliable home and food source.

There are 8 plates in the collection - Tramways, Golden Wattle, Gumtree Hug, Precious Rain, Big Metal Tree & Bushman's Clock, WiFi and Footy

Melbourne, Victoria