Powderfinger - Vulture Street (Black Vinyl)


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Powderfinger - Vulture Street (Black Vinyl)

After the unprecedented success of Odyssey Number Five, Powderfinger started playing large venues in Australia, as well as in the US while on tour with Coldplay. These experiences led them to want to make a rock record whose sound could fill a huge space. And rock they did. Vulture Street was released on 4 July 2003, and was a smack in the jaw of pure rock ‘n’ roll. For the third time, Nick DiDia was hired as producer, this time also with Tony Reyes.

The change of pace on Vulture Street was welcomed with open arms. The album peaked at number 1 on the ARIA charts, and later picked up 4 ARIA awards—becoming their third consecutive record to win Album of the Year honours.


1. Rockin’ Rocks
2. (Baby I’ve Got You) On My Mind
3. Since You’ve Been Gone
4. Love Your Way
5. Sunsets
6. Don’t Panic
7. Stumblin’
8. Roll Right By You
9. How Far Have We Really Come?
10. Pockets
11. A Song Called Everything

Type: Vinyl