Revell, Graeme - Crow (Original Motion Picture Score) (Deluxe 2LP Vinyl)


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Graeme Revell - Crow (Original Motion Picture Score) (Deluxe 2LP Vinyl)

This supernatural revenge thriller has had an enduring legacy as a critically lauded box-office hit and tribute to its fallen star, Brandon Lee. The masterful score by Graeme Revell radically reinvented the grammar of film scoring by incorporating authentic non-Western sounds outside of an ethnic context. This 2-LP set expands the score with 14 unreleased tracks and features a beautiful wide-spine embossed jacket, inner-sleeves full of film stills and new notes and a fold out 18x24 movie poster.



  1. Birth of the Legend
  2. Absolution Accepted
  3. Resurrection
  4. Inertia
  5. The Crow Descends
  6. Rememberance
  7. Rain Forever
  8. Shattered in the Head
  9. Her Eyes, So Innocent
  10. Tracking the Prey
  11. Elegy
  12. The Tides of Sin
  13. Pain and Retribution
  14. Angels All Fire
  15. Believe in Angels


  1. Captive Child
  2. Devli's Night
  3. Innocent Lovers
  4. On Hallowed Ground
  5. Inferno
  6. Irony
  7. Legacy of Brutality
  8. Watching You Forever
  9. Angel from Hell
  10. Praying for Rain
  11. Return to Grave
  12. Last Rites
  13. Destroy Myself
  14. End Titles: It Can't Rain All the Time

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