Rosalia - Motomami (Translucent Red Vinyl)


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Rosalia - Motomami (Translucent Red Vinyl)

MOTOMAMI follows Rosalia’s critically acclaimed debut album "El Mal Querer"(2018) in which she displayed her phenomenal vocal capability matched with her now fully realized fusion of classic Flamenco with R&B, hip-hop, contemporary Latin American rhythms and electronic beats coupled with Rosalia’s strong influences from industrial visual arts, female empowerment fashion and choreography.


1. Saoko
2. Candy
3. La Fama - Featuring the Weeknd
4. Bulerías
5. Chicken Teriyaki
6. Hentai
7. Bizcochito
8. Genís
9. Motomami
10. Diablo
11. Delirio de Grandeza
12. Cuuuuuuuuuute
13. Como un G
14. Motomami Alphabet
15. La Combi Versace - Featuring Tokischa
16. Sakura

Type: Vinyl