Russell, Arthur - Love Is Overtaking Me (2LP Vinyl)

Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell - Love Is Overtaking Me (2LP Vinyl)

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On November 18, the label will release a vinyl repressing of Love Is Overtaking Me, a 2008 compilation consisting of 21 demos, home recordings and rare tracks that span close to two decades (with the earliest dating back to the early '70s). It primarily focuses on folksy singer-songwriter material, and downplays Russell's cello-heavy and disco-inspired undertakings.



  1. Close My Eyes
  2. Goodbye Old Paint
  3. Maybe She
  4. Turbo Sporty Oh Fernanda Why
  5. Time Away
  6. Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart
  7. I Couldn't Say It To Your Face
  8. This Time Dad You're Wrong
  9. Flying Hearts, The What It's Like
  10. Eli
  11. Hey! How Does Everybody Know


  1. I Forget And I Can't Tell (Ballad Of The Lights Pt. 1)
  2. Habit Of You
  3. Janine
  4. Big Moon
  5. Your Motion Says
  6. The Letter
  7. Don't Forget About Me
  8. Bright & Early Love Is Overtaking Me
  9. Bright & Early Planted A Thought
  10. Love Comes Back

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