Russell, Arthur - World Of Echo (Vinyl)

Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell - World Of Echo (2LP Vinyl)

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Contains the original album plus drum-less versions of some of his disco classics and four previously unreleased tracks


    1. Tone Bone Kone
    2. Soon-to-be Innocent Fun/Lets See
    3. Answers Me
    4. Being It
    5. Place I Know/Kid Like You
    6. Shes The Star/I Take This Time
    7. Treehouse
    8. See-Through
    9. Hiding Your Present From You
    10. Wax The Van
    11. All-Boy All-Girl
    12. Lucky Cloud
    13. Tower Of Meaning/Rabbits Ear/Home Away From Home
    14. Lets Go Swimming
    15. The Name of the Next Song
    16. Happy Ending
    17. Canvas Home
    18. Our Last Night Together

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