Sade - This Far (Limited Deluxe Vinyl Boxset)


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Sade - This Far (Limited Deluxe Vinyl Boxset)

This boxset features remastered versions of all of Sade's studio albums to date, on pure 180-gram black vinyl – the first complete collection of their studio work up to the present day. All six of the band's acclaimed albums: Diamond Life (1984), Promise (1985), Stronger Than Pride (1988), Love Deluxe (1992), Lovers Rock (2000), and Solder Of Love (2010) are packaged into the beautifully finished, white case-bound box. Revisiting the audio, the band and Miles Showell worked from high resolution digital transfers of the stereo master mixes, from the original studio recordings, remastered at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios.

The elaborate, half-speed mastering process has produced exceptionally clean and detailed audio whilst remaining faithful to the band's intended sound. No additional digital limiting was used in the mastering process, so the six albums benefit from the advantage of extra clarity and pure fidelity, preserving the dynamic range of the original mixes for the very first time. The six album sleeves have been meticulously reproduced in exact detail with authentic paper and printing methods, perfectly replicated for the first time since their original release.


Disc 1: Diamond Life

  1. Smooth Operator
  2. Your Love Is King
  3. Hang on to Your Love
  4. Frankie's First Affair
  5. When Am I Going to Make A Living
  6. Cherry Pie
  7. Sally
  8. I Will Be Your Friend
  9. Why Can't We Live Together

Disc 2: Promise

  1. Is It A Crime
  2. The Sweetest Taboo
  3. War Of The Hearts
  4. Jezebel
  5. Mr Wrong
  6. Never As Good As The First Time
  7. Fear
  8. Tar Baby
  9. Maureen

Disc 3: Stronger Than Pride

  1. Love Is Stronger Than Pride
  2. Paradise
  3. Nothing Can Come Between Us
  4. Haunt Me
  5. Turn My Back On You
  6. Keep Looking
  7. Clean Heart
  8. Give It Up
  9. I Never Thought Id See The Day
  10. Siempre Hay Esperanza

Disc 4: Love Deluxe

  1. No Ordinary Love
  2. Feel No Pain
  3. I Couldn't Love You More
  4. Like A Tattoo
  5. Kiss Of Life
  6. Cherish The Day
  7. Pearls
  8. Bullet Proof Soul
  9. Mermaid

Disc 5: Lovers Rock

  1. By Your Side
  2. Flow
  3. King of Sorrow
  4. Somebody Already Broke My Heart
  5. All About Our Love
  6. Slave Song
  7. The Sweetest Gift
  8. Every Word
  9. Immigrant
  10. Lovers Rock
  11. It's Only Love That Gets You Through

Disc 6: Soldier Of Love

  1. The Moon And The Sky
  2. Soldier Of Love
  3. Morning Bird
  4. Babyfather
  5. Long Hard Road
  6. Be That Easy
  7. Bring Me Home
  8. In Another Time
  9. Skin
  10. The Safest Place

Type: Vinyl

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