Sault - Untitled (Rise) (2LP Vinyl)


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Sault - Untitled (Rise) (2LP Vinyl)

Prolific? YES! Sault return with their second album for 2020!  It is also their fourth album in less than two years and the quality and essential message has not been compromised.

This album is based firmly around the dancefloor with gems that take in house disco, 80's Boogie and Post Punk.


 Disc 1:

  1. Strong
  2. Fearless
  3. Rise
  4. I Just Want to Dance
  5. Street Fighter
  6. Son Shine
  7. Rise Intently
  8. The Beginning & the End
  9. Free
  10. You Know It Ain't
  11. Uncomfortable
  12. No Black Violins in London
  13. Scary Times
  14. The Black & Gold
  15. Little Boy

Type: Vinyl