Sawayama, Rina - Sawayama (Limited Deluxe Clear 2LP Vinyl)


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Rina Sawayama - Sawayama (Limited Deluxe Clear 2LP Vinyl)

A limited new pressing of the global smash debut album, plus an additional record featuring the new Elton John version of ‘Chosen Family’, BloodPop produced hit single ‘LUCID’ and a selection b-sides from the SAWAYAMA sessions for the first time ever on vinyl, plus much more. Housed in reflective gold gatefold sleeve with lyric sheets and thank yous.



  1. Dynasty   
  2. XS
  3. STFU!
  4. Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)
  5. Akasaka Sad
  6. Paradisin'
  7. Love Me 4 Me
  8. Bad Friend
  9. Fuck This World (Interlude)
  10. Who's Gonna Save U Now
  11. Tokyo Love Hotel
  12. Chosen Family
  13. Snakeskin


  1. Lucid
  2. Chosen Family with Elton John
  3. We Out Here (Bonus Track)
  4. Bees & Honey (Bonus Track)
  5. Love It If We Made It
  6. XS (Live)
  7. STFU! (Acoustic)
  8. Bad Friend (Acoustic)
  9. Chosen Family (Acoustic)
  10. Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys) [Brabo Remix]
  11. XS (Bree Runway Remix)
  12. Bad Friend (Dream Wife Remix)

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