Scott-Heron, Gil & Jamie XX - We're New Here (Vinyl)


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Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX - We're New Here (Vinyl)

In February 2010, Gil Scott-Heron released I'm NEW HERE, his first album in 13 years. The album was enthusiastically received by fans and critics alike. Meanwhile, the last 18 months have been meteoric for Jamie xx. His band the xx's self titled debut album received huge acclaim, picking up 2010's prestigious Mercury Music Prize, while Jamie garnered respect for his remixes and solo productions. So what happens when one of the most exciting young producers around reworks one of the most acclaimed albums from a true legend? the result is Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx's WE'RE NEW HERE.


  1. I'm New Here
  2. Home
  3. I've Been Me (Interlude)
  4. Running
  5. My Cloud
  6. Certain Things (Interlude)
  7. The Crutch
  8. Ur Soul and Mine
  9. Parents (Interlude)
  10. Piano Player
  11. NY Is Killing Me
  12. Jazz (Interlude)
  13. I'll Take Care of You

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Chris smith
Great album

Delivered swiftly in great condition