Sherelle - Fabric Presents (2LP Vinyl)


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Sherelle - Fabric Presents (2LP Vinyl)

This is a a high octane hi energy tribute to jungle, footwork and bass beats, with a BPM that rarely drops below 150BPM. It's a compilation mix curated for fabric's 'presents' series.

Studded with names key to the genres – many personal friends of SHERELLE’s - it’s a creation that respects both the birth of the jungle scene as well as its current locality. With inclusions like the late legend *DJ Rashad and former footwork dancer RP Boo (who is credited with making the first tracks that fall within the footwork canon), as well the holy trio of current uber cool US producers - New York’s AceMo and Kush Jones, the former with the scuffed techno ‘Perpetrator’ and Kush Jones’ breaks-based ‘Fuck Off’, and Miami-based duo INVT who deliver the bass driven ‘SUPER GALACTIC’, this release goes off the edge. Frequent collaborators and fellow Londoners Tim Reaper and Worldwide Epidemic furnish cuts of their own, with Paul Pryor's label Time Tunnel supplying hot new productions reminiscent of the glory days of the 90's UK hardcore & jungle rave scene.

As well as fathering established jungle label Hooversound alongside artist NAINA, 2021 saw her launching new label Beautiful, a platform for supporting black and LGBTQI+ artists. Driven and vocal, a proudly gay and black artist, SHERELLE is a major force of the future.

1. Cloud9 - You Got Me Burnin'    
2. Dwarde|Tim Reaper - Globex Corp Vol 1. A1
3. Dev/Null - DarkPhase
4. Champa B - The Howler
5. NewKiller - U92 (FFF Remix)
6. S.Kid - Oasis
7. Gridzone - The Path (Part 2)
8. Aphrodite|Nutty Jim - Feel Real
9. R-Core - Rivers Of Blood (VIP)
10. Vince Rollin - Greed And Prejudice
12. InnerCore - Pinnacle Part 2
13. NewKiller - The Dark
14. Q Bass - Deepa
15. Kush Jones - Fuck Off
16. DJ Rashad - Acid Bit ft. Addison Groove
17. AceMo - Perpetrator
19. Neuropunk - Destroy The Matrix
20. DJ Phil - House Monster ft. DJ Manny|RP Boo
21. Basic Rhythm - 2 Da Core (RP Boo Remix)
22. LCY - Bite Off The Hand That Feeds You
23. Response - Sanity Melting
24. Worldwide Epidemic|Tim Reaper - Losing Control
25. Fringe - You Got Me (Sanz Remix)
26. Aphrodite - Navigator
27. Dub One - The Clash


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