Smith, Jorja - Falling Or Flying (Vinyl)

Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith - Falling Or Flying (Vinyl)

Available to pre-order now, released September 29th.

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Smith embarks on an adventure of sounds and thrills. It's smooth, it's pop and soulful and sure to be one of the albums of this year.

Sonically, this album, a no-skips body of work, isn’t like anything you’ve heard before. It sits masterfully in this same space of excitement, self-exploration and self-assertion that Jorja does. Compromised of deep, thumping drums, racing basslines, irresistible hooks and distinctive beats, ‘falling or flying’ runs at the same pace that Jorja’s mind does. ‘I don't slow down enough’ she says. ‘This album is like my brain. There’s always so much going on but each song is definitely a standstill moment.’

Of the many British voices in music today, Jorja is among the most commanding, writing at a pitch of intensity and urgency that few can match.


  1. Try Me
  2. She Feels
  3. Little Things
  4. Flights Skit
  5. Feelings (Featuring J Hus)
  6. Falling or Flying
  7. Go Go Go
  8. Try and Fit in
  9. Greatest Gift (Featuring Lila Iké)
  10. Broken Is the Man
  11. Make Sense
  12. Too Many Times
  13. Lately
  14. BT69 Jjy
  15. Backwards
  16. What If My Heart Beats Faster?


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