Snail Mail - Lush (Vinyl)

Snail Mail

Snail Mail - Lush (Vinyl)

Snail Mail announces her full-length debut album, Lush along with the release of a new song titled ‘Pristine’, and it’s accompanying video. It’s a sprawling anthem that finds Lindsey Jordan grappling with suburban ennui and unrequited love.

Jordan’s voice rises and falls with electricity throughout the album, spinning with bold excitement and new beginnings at every turn. Lush is a refreshing marvel of songwriting and technical composition, that’s both cohesive and explosive.

Recorded with producer Jake Aron and engineer Johnny Schenke, with contributions from touring bandmates drummer Ray Brown and bassist Alex Bass as well, Lush sounds cinematic, yet still perfectly homemade.


  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Pristine
  • 3. Speaking Terms
  • 4. Heat Wave
  • 5. Stick
  • 6. Let's Find an Out
  • 7. Golden Dream
  • 8. Full Control
  • 9. Deep Sea
  • 10. Anytime

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