Stevens, Sufjan - Blue Bucket Of Gold (Live) / Hotline Bling (Live) (12" Vinyl)


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Sufjan Stevens - Blue Bucket Of Gold (Live) / Hotline Bling (Live) (Blue Vinyl)

Includes full 16 track digital download of Carrie & Lowell Live

Carrie & Lowell Live captures Sufjan at his most vulnerable and persuasive, and it features a proficient, multiple-instrumentalist crew of musicians, including Dawn Landes (vocals, guitar, guitalin, piano, synthesizer, vocoder, percussion), Casey Foubert (vocals, guitar, lap steel, bass, piano, ukulele, synthesizer), Steve Moore (vocals, synthesizer, bass synth, trombone, Casiotone, piano) and James McAlister (drums, percussion, electronics, synthesizer, piano). The live show ends with an expansive 12-minute improvisational jam that looks (and feels) like nothing less than a born-again experience.


Type: Vinyl