Stoneking, C.W. ‎- Jungle Blues (Vinyl)


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C.W. Stoneking ‎- Jungle Blues (Vinyl)

Jungle Blues is the fourth album by Australian Hokum Blues musician C. W. Stoneking. In 2009 Stoneking received five ARIA Award nominations, 'Best Blues and Roots Album', 'Best Independent Release', 'Best Male Artist' and 'Best Album Cover Art', eventually winning 'Best Blues and Roots Album' for Jungle Blues. At the fourth annual AIR Awards, Stoneking was nominated for Best Independent Album, Best Independent Blues/ Roots Album, and Independent Artist of the Year, with Jungle Blues winning the award for Best Independent Blues/ Roots Album. Jungle Blues was also shortlisted in the 2008 Australian Music Prize.


  1. Jungle Blues
  2. Talkin' Lion Blues
  3. Jungle Lullaby
  4. Brave Son of America
  5. Jailhouse Blues
  6. Household Blues
  7. I Heard the Marchin' of the Drums
  8. The Love Me or Die
  9. Early in the Mornin'
  10. The Greatest Liar

Type: Vinyl