Sugarcubes - Life's Too Good (Transparent Vinyl)


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Sugarcubes - Life's Too Good (Transparent Vinyl)

Life's Too Good, released in April 1988, was the first album by the Icelandic alternative rock-pop band The Sugarcubes, which brought fame to lead vocalist Björk. Through the first single, "Birthday," the Sugarcubes received attention in Europe and the United States. Emerging from the ashes of K.U.K.L and signed to One Little Indian in 1987, over the next six years The Sugarcubes achieved an unprecedented level of success for an Icelandic band.


  1. Traitor
  2. Motorcrash
  3. Birthday
  4. Delicious Demon
  5. Mama
  6. Coldsweat
  7. Blue Eyed Pop
  8. Deus
  9. Sick for Toys

Type: Vinyl