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Surfing Sloth - Masked Cat Enamel Pin

Do you remember that song from maybe 90's "It's a little souvenir of a terrible year". I wish this would be the only reminder of last year+. Just the funny cat in a mask. And something that would make you smile. 

Approx. 20x33mm.  Butterfly clasp. Two pin posts - harder to loose and pin doesn't turn upside down.

Surfing Sloth is a little brand by Lithuanian illustrator Luka Va. based in Melbourne. She loves animals, and she loves drawing animals. Her drawings have appeared in many books, journals and magazines including Anorak, Paper Sea and Espresso Tales.

"I always liked to create pictures of animals. I drew squirrels with ballerina skirts and enormous tails, when I was a child. At school all my notebooks were full of punks and other colourful people. Then it was time when I sketched tables, chairs and other stuff. Ok, ok, it was just studies… And now I feel I’ve found myself as illustrator of crazy animals…"

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Mark Obrien
Obie’s review

Love all things about Happy Valley, recently purchased a little badge , love it and have pinned it on my beret, reside in Tassy but didn’t have to wait for it to arrive !😊😊😊