Taylor, Lewis - Stoned Part II (2LP Vinyl)


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Lewis Taylor - Stoned Part II (2LP Vinyl)

Stoned Part II is Lewis Taylor's pure, perfect dance-pop album. His second self-released album and fourth album proper, it initially appeared on his own label Slow Reality in 2004.

Gravely misunderstood at the time by hardcore fans and the music press alike, it has aged quite magnificently. An experiment in the sounds of contemporary pop and dance music, Lewis's wonky take on funky pop would annihilate anything kicking around the charts, then or now. If only it were given half a chance.


Side A:
    1. Madman
    2. Keep Right On
    3. Reconsider

Side B:
    4. When Will I Ever Learn 2
    5. Out of My Head Is the Way I Feel
    6. Carried Away

Side C:
    7. Stoned Part 2
    8. Positively Beautiful 2
    9. Throw Me a Line

Side D:
    10. Shame 2
    11. Won't Fade Away
    12. Keep On Keeping On

Type: Vinyl