Tennis - Yours Conditionally (Vinyl)


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Tennis - Yours Conditionally (Vinyl)

Building on their dreamy combination of perfect melodies and classic songwriting, Yours Conditionally sees a full circle return to Tennis' nautical roots of sorts, with the duo even writing part of the album while sailing at sea. However, the pair dig deeper and darker this time round, with the resultant album wedding discussions of identity and self-sacrifice to some of their most pristine and infectious hooks yet.


  1. In The Morning I'll Be Better
  2. My Emotions Are Blinding
  3. Fields Of Blue
  4. Ladies Don't Play Guitar
  5. Matrimony
  6. Baby Don't Believe
  7. Please Don't Ruin This For Me
  8. 10 Minutes 10 Years
  9. Modern Woman
  10. Island Music

Type: Vinyl