The Bricks That Built the Houses - Kae Tempest


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Kae Tempest

Award-winning poet and rapper Kate Tempest's astonishing debut novel elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary in this multi -generational tale set in contemporary south London.

Young Londoners Becky, Harry and Leon are escaping the city with a suitcase full of stolen money. Taking us back in time, and into the heart of the capital, The Bricks that Built the Houses explores a cross-section of contemporary urban life with a powerful moral and literary microscope, exposing the everyday stories that lie behind the tired faces on the morning commute, and what happens when your best intentions don't always lead to the right decisions.

Wise but never cynical, and driven by empathy and ethics, it leads us into the homes and hearts of ordinary people and their families and communities, giving us a unique perspective on how we live with and love each other.

The Bricks that Built the Houses introduces a thrilling new literary voice.

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