Cranberries, The - To The Faithful Departed (Vinyl 2LP)

The Cranberries

The Cranberries - To The Faithful Departed (Vinyl 2LP)

Available to pre-order now, released October 13th.

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Deluxe edition of To The Faithful Departed – The Cranberries’ monumental third album. Originally released in 1996, the album has sold over six million copies worldwide and became the band’s highest-charting album on the U.S. Billboard Top 200.

The expanded 2LP set includes three previously unreleased album demos recorded with Tim Palmer in Paris and the original 1LP album remastered by John Dent at Metropolis.



  1. Hollywood
  2. Salvation
  3. When You're Gone
  4. Free To Decide
  5. War Child
  6. Forever Yellow Skies
  7. The Rebels
  8. Just Shot John Lennon
  9. Electric Blue
  10. I'm Still Remembering
  11. Will You Remember?
  12. Joe
  13. Bosnia


1. I'm Still Remembering
2. Will You Remember?
3. Joe
4. Bosnia
5. Cordell
6. The Picture I View
7. Go Your Own Way
8. When You're Gone (Paris demo)
9. I Just Shot John Lennon (Paris demo)
10. Free To Decide (Paris demo)

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