Total Control - Henge Beat (Vinyl)


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Total Control - Henge Beat (Vinyl)

The combination of all their previous work and a steady live band has come together to form the great Henge Beat LP. These guys have outdone themselves with this one. Musically it rests somewhere between late 70's UK new wave a-la Ha Ha Ha era ULTRAVOX and the "now sound" EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING Aussie garage that we all know and love. Add a dash of hopeful Krautrock flavor and the recipe is a smashing success.


1. See More Glass
2. Retiree
3. One More Tonight
4. Hammer
5. Stonehenge
6. Carpet Rash
7. Shame Thugs
8. No Bibs
9. Meds II
10. Sunday Baker
11. Love Performance

Type: Vinyl