Walker, Summer - Clear: The Series (Vinyl)


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Summer Walker - Clear: The Series (Vinyl)

The multi-platinum hitmaker rocked the stage in her native Atlanta at Mary J Blige’s Strength of a Woman festival, alongside R&B superstars including Ms. Lauryn Hill, Muni Long and Lucky Daye. Before that, she joined the all-star lineup at Lovers and Friends in Las Vegas, the Pharrell-led Something in the Water and the legendary Dreamville Festival in North Carolina. Thanks to these appearances, Summer brought her music and artistry to her ever-increasing fanbase and cemented her reign as one of the most in-demand live acts in the industry today.


  1.     Riot
  2.     Grave
  3.     Wasted
  4.     Settling
  5.     Audio Hug ft J.Cole
  6.     Hardlife
  7.     How Does It Feel
  8.     Mind Yo Mouth
  9.     Pull Up
  10.     New Type ft Childish Gambino
  11.     Finding Peace
  12.     Set Up (2017)
  13.     Agayu's Revelation

Type: Vinyl