Ward, M - Supernatural Thing (Eco Mix Coloured Vinyl)


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M. Ward - Supernatural Thing (Eco Mix Coloured Vinyl)**

**Please note, eco mix coloured vinyl are unique and random, colour will vary.

Ward has clearly mastered the whole vocabulary of American popular music and made serious decisions about how to employ it for his own ends. What Ward shares with Harry Smith's artists and Neil Young is a context of musical and human values: authenticity and intimacy. Supernatural Thing's original songs sound freshly pulled from the ground, with a little earth sticking to them. Ward's lyric delivery has that slight rawness the ear loves, and his voice has quiet dignity and great tenderness. Supernatural Thing is an open-hearted, inviting album. The album's guest stars - First Aid Kit, Shovels & Rope, Scott McMicken, Neko Case, Jim James - enliven the album with surprises.


1. Lifeline
2. Too Young to Die (Feat. First Aid Kit)
3. Supernatural Thing
4. New Kerrang (Feat. Scott McMicken)
5. Dedication Hour (Feat. Neko Case and Gabriel Kahane)
6. I Can't Give Everything Away (Feat. Jim James and Kelly Pratt)
7. Engine 5 (Feat. First Aid Kit)
8. Mr. Dixon (Feat. Shovels & Rope)
9. For Good
10. Story of An Artist

Type: Vinyl