Welch, Gillian - Soul Journey (Vinyl)


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Gillian Welch - Soul Journey (Vinyl)

SOUL JOURNEY, Gillian Welch's 4th album (originally released in 2003), features solo, duo and band performances. Contributors to the album include Greg Leisz and Jim Boquist.

A single LP mastered for vinyl direct from the analog tapes by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings on their own custom-built VMS 80 lathe with Ortofon amplifiers.

The package includes a gatefold old-style tip-on jacket and a printed insert, with lyrics included with the album for the first time.


  1. Look At Miss Ohio
  2. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
  3. Wayside / Back In Time
  4. I Had A Real Good Mother And Father
  5. One Monkey
  6. No One Knows My Name
  7. Lowlands
  8. One Little Song
  9. I Made A Lovers Prayer
  10. Wrecking Ball

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