Yanya, Nilüfer - Painless (Limited Edition Cloudy Clear & Blue Coloured Vinyl)


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Nilüfer Yanya - Painless (Limited Edition Cloudy Clear & Blue Coloured Vinyl)

Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Cloudy Clear and Blue LP

Nilüfer Yanya runs head first into the depths of emotional vulnerability on her anticipated sophomore record Painless. Recorded between a basement studio in Stoke Newington and Riverfish Music in Penzance, the record is a more sonically direct effort, narrowing her previously broad palette to a handful of robust ideas. Yanya's debut album Miss Universe (2019) earned a Best New Music tag from Pitchfork and saw support tours with Sharon Van Etten, Mitski and The XX.


  1. the dealer
  2. L/R
  3. shameless
  4. stabilise
  5. chase me
  6. midnight sun
  7. trouble
  8. try
  9. company
  10. belong with you
  11. the mystic
  12. anotherlife

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background music that demands your attention

Ever since this album came out last year I've tried putting it on in the background while doing chores - vacuuming, dishes, etc. And every time I find myself unable to get those tasks done because I need to sit and listen actively. Nilüfer's voice is like smokey honey and I want her to whisper speak sing me to sleep.