Yeule - Softscars (White & Blue Splatter Coloured Vinyl)


Yeule - Softscars (White & Blue Splatter Coloured Vinyl)

Available to pre-order now, released October 6th.

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Multi-dimensional artist and producer yeule announces their new album softscars via Ninja Tune. softscars represents a new direction for yeule as they explore softer textures and disembodied arrangements that feature their ethereal vocals front and center. The project closely examines the anatomy of their long held emotional wounds for their most vulnerable work yet.


  1. x w x
  2. Sulky baby
  3. Softscars
  4. 4ui12
  5. Ghosts
  6. Dazies
  7. Fish in the pool
  8. Software update
  9. Inferno
  10. Bloodbunny
  11. Cyber meat
  12. Aphex twin flame

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