Young Fathers - Dead (Vinyl)


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Young Fathers - Dead (Vinyl)

"This, this is an album where great slabs of sonics are obscured by larger slabs. This is the album that you wanted to happen, the one where that sound of old Rocksteady vinyl sides, where the bass is fifty fucking percent of the record, where the singing somehow sits on top, where echoes and screeches and crashes battle against each other, where nothing is clear, but the voice of the music is pure, the darkness is deep and you know, even if you’re a man, but, the girls understand. You absolutely know, even if you can’t explain. Just know." - Anticon Records.

'Dead' won the 2014 Mercury Prize.


  1. No Way
  2. Low
  3. Just Another Bullet
  4. War
  5. Get Up
  6. Dip
  7. Paying
  8. Mmmh Mmmh
  9. Hangman
  10. Am I Not Your Boy
  11. I've Arrived

Type: Vinyl