Zero 7 - When It Falls (Vinyl)

Zero 7

Zero 7 ‎- When It Falls (Vinyl)

2019 Reissue on 2LPs.


  1. Warm Sound (Featuring Mozez)
  2. Home (Featuring Tina Dico)
  3. Somersault (Featuring Sia Furler)
  4. Passing By (Featuring Sophie Barker)
  5. Over Our Heads (Featuring Mozez)
  6. When It Falls
  7. The Space Between (Featuring Tina Dico)
  8. Speed Dial No. 2 (Featuring Sia Furler)
  9. Look Up (Featuring Yvonne John-Lewis)
  10. In Time (Featuring Sophie Barker)
  11. Morning Song

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Type: Vinyl

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