Kikagaku Moyo - House In The Tall Grass (Vinyl)


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Kikagaku Moyo - House In The Tall Grass (Vinyl)

Kikagaku Moyo started in the summer of 2012 busking on the streets of Tokyo. Like a long journey this record unfolds itself through many layers. Fans of Kikagaku Moyo will be comforted by the soft vocals harmonies and warm Sitar but what sets this release apart is the refinement of the band’s songwriting and their delicate execution.


    1. Green Sugar
    2. Kogarashi
    3. Old Snow, White Sun
    4. Melted Crystal
    5. Dune
    6. Silver Owl
    7. Fata Morgana
    8. Trad
    9. Cardigan Song

Type: Vinyl