Nujabes Pray Reflections - Haruka Nakamura (Vinyl)


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Nujabes Pray Reflections - Haruka Nakamura (Vinyl)

February 26, 2020, 10 years after the passing of musician Nujabes. Even though a long time has passed, the number of listeners around the world who desire the music of Nujabes continues to grow. During this turbulent world, Nujabes' label, Hydeout Productions, which is still in charge of the band, asked Haruka Nakamura to make a tribute album to mark the 10-year anniversary of his death, saying, 'I want you to move forward 10 years as time stands still.' The music video and 7-inch vinyl of 'Reflection Eternal' were released. As the culmination of this project, the album 'Nujabes PRAY Reflections' has been finally released. The beautiful melodies spun by Nujabes are interpreted in a new way by Haruka Nakamura on piano and guitar. The fusion of the two musicians' music has sublimated the work to a new horizon. For the cover artwork, the artist Cheryl D. McClure, who oversaw Hydeout Productions' '2nd collection', was commissioned to create a new jacket. This is not a so-called cover album, but new music by Haruka Nakamura inspired by the melodies of Nujabes.


1. Another Reflection
2. Horizon
3. Waltz of Reflection Eternal
4. Flowers
5. Kumomi
6. Feather
7. Latitude
8. Light on the Land
9. Final View
10. World's End Rhapsody
11. Let Me Go

Type: Vinyl

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